What do you do?

Cheapest.watch compares prices of watches in all of the European Union. We strive to present the best possible offer for any watch style and budget.

The European Union brings us a single market, which means that there is really no difference in ordering your goods from Belgium, France, Germany or Greece. The prices however differ a lot!

We see more and more interest in buying from other EU-countries, yet finding the best possible price is still a little hard to do. This is why we offer you our search engine.

Is it safe?

We try to only add trustable websites from across the European Union. But of course, as with all other online sales, you should check seller's reputation. One way to do this is to verify the company with TrustPilot.com.

Counterfeit goods (fake watches) are illegal in most countries in the world and we try to prevent sellers that offer fake brands from advertising on our platform. If you however received a fake watch, please do let us know (so we can take the seller offline) and report it with your local police station.

All offers on our site are processed automatically and although we try to prevent errors and wrong information we may accidentally show wrong information. Feel free to send us a mail so we can fix it!

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